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Leam Productivity Workshop (2 Days)


Get your productivity up with our Lean Productivity Workshop, designed specifically for shop floor operations. Learn to deploy Lean tools strategically in the right sequence to gain maximum results. Reduce changeover time by 50% with SMED methodology. Use Industrial Engineering techniques to determine and create efficient line configurations. Learn to sustain that improvement with the right Lean monitoring tools.  

Bring your team to join our exciting 2-day Lean Productivity Workshop.


  1. Identify opportunities to improve Leadtime based on Lean Principles of Waste Elimination and Industrial Engineering Techniques.
  2. Learn to create best shop floor practices based on workforce efficiency, equipment layout, material flow and cycle time.
  3. Learn to create a well organized shop floor to support Standard Work and Continuous Improvement programs.

Suitable for: 
Executives and Supervisors involve in Production, Planning and Quality.

Lean Productivity Tools Box

Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

5S Continuous Improvement

Autonomation (Jidoka)

Line Balancing

Visual Management

Time Motion Study

Standard Work

Error-Proofing (Poka Yoke)

Nagare Cell Flexibility


Takt Time

Spaghetti Diagram

Kanban Board

Lean Output Tracking

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