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Tele-matches & Traditional Games & Others

According to our clients’ needs, Metro Bike is able to provide any other planning of activities to your wish. Any other activities that you would wish to have or alter, we would plan to your needs.

Photo-shooting Competitions

This is a fun event that requires the talents of photo-shooting. Participants are to have heritage buildings, cultural living lifestyle of Penangites and scenic vistas of Penang being captured into a picture that carries memories and values that are invaluable. In other words, a picture that is indeed awesomely taken!

Just take any picture of a scene that somehow seem meaningful to you, an aunty sitting on a bench with her kitty, or a little kid throwing pebbles into the sea. It can be anything that seems simple, beautifully taken and deeply meaningful. A picture holds a thousand words. There are indeed many scenes for you to capture around Penang where you would want to keep forever. As you travel around Georgetown, remember to keep your camera in your hands and snap down anything that worth keeping forever.

This competition is organised by Metro Bike among colleagues or friends who would like to compete for the best moment captured. It would be a very fun activity to be held!




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