Penang Heritage Treasure Hunt Teambuilding

With the inscription of George Town as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 7TH July 2008, Penang beautifully stands as the oriental pearl of heritage. Being given a series of clues, participants are put into groups to solve a chain of mysteries that will bring them to discover the hidden beauty of Penang that Penangites themselves might never get to know.



Killing two birds at once, this treasure hunt may be a hard nut to crack, but being able to reveal Penang’s hidden beauty and build a strong bond among employees worth it all.

Street Arts’ Hunt

In conjunction with Penang’s Georgetown Festival, certain old walls of edifices within Georgetown have gained a new lease of life. A few years have passed though, despite the faded paint, these street arts drawn by famous Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic and other artists will still be able to take your breath away.
Self-fies and group-fies are required to be taken with street arts of Penang being captured into the picture. This activity would require full determination and energy from all participants to hunt for the wanted street arts or murals.

Food Hunts

Penang, famous for its cultural hybrids, is of course well-known for its special delicacies. Metro Bike will definitely make sure your stomach is filled with famous local delicacies that make you eat till you drop. From Chinese Kopitiams to Mamak Stalls, Metro Bike brings you around Penang to enjoy incredibly delicious food till your satisfaction!



The afternoon session is an indoor programme that incorporates classroom teambuilding activities that cover teamwork assessment, team weaknesses, team development as well as resolving team conflict and building a winning team. The afternoon session will involve teamwork simulation; promote team synergy; attempt to balance individual problems and differences; incorporate team conflict management and share an insight on the Tuckman’s Team Development model.

Participants will benefit from this workshop in terms of acquiring leadership skills, sharpening their time management skills, improving communication skills, and gaining ability to construct team strategies and delegation. Participants will also learn to trust their team mates and to be motivated to succeed.




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