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Leam Management Camp (2 Days)


Experience the philosophy of Lean in this action oriented workshop. Understand how smaller batch size allows for flexibility and shorter lead time. Speed up your service or product delivery with zero or minimal cost. You do this through wastes elimination by using Lean tools such as Value Stream Map, 5S, and Visual Management. Bring about the cultural change to your organization by adopting the House of Lean framework. Lead your team towards sustainable improvements and keep things in check with Lean KPI’s.


  1. Learn the underlying philosophy of Lean Manufacturing
  2. Establish common ground for Lean implementation through teambuilding.
  3. Able to view shop floor in terms of lead-time reduction, waste elimination and material flow.
  4. Understand the approach to implementing Lean in their organisation through cultural change.
  5. Learn to use Lean Key Performance for tracking productivity.

Suitable for: 
Managers and  Executives involve in Operations; Production, Quality, Planning, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehouse, and HR Training.

Lean Management Tools Box

House of Lean

5S Continuous Improvement

8 Wastes

Kaizen Events

Kanban Inventory

Value Stream Mapping

Total Productive Maintenance


Visual Management


Lean Key Performance Index

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